About Pioneer


We guide our clients to a competitive advantage with our experienced and seasoned team, equipped with superior navigational skills throughout Asia and the world.


Our mission is strategically driven and supported by our clients. Our total cost management approach in global strategic contract manufacturing guides our decision-making process and ensures our clients’ success. Strategic alliances are developed during the process and it is these relationships that sustain our growth, year after year.


Sourcing is what we do best. Our value added services are coordinated well and provide our clients with world-class products at the lowest price possible. Our factory partners are committed to working for the success of our clients.

Pioneer Has Been Created to Succeed!

  • Pioneer’s team has over 75 years of combined global sourcing experience.
  • Our team imports over a combined 180 million dollars of consumer and industrial goods to the US.
  • Pioneer’s main focus is to provide OEM/ODM, and private labeling services to the US manufactures.
  • We have offices located in the US and Asia to expand our reach.
  • We build dedicated factory relationships through volume and long term success.
  • We gain our clients’ trust by duplicating domestic manufacturing processes abroad and taking advantage of lower-cost production rates.
Pioneer Strategic Sourcing
Pioneer Strategic Sourcing

56 Senior Professional Technicians

  • 12 Product Design Engineers
  • 17 Mold design Engineers
  • 5 CAE Analysis Engineers
  • 12 Programing Engineers
  • 5 Production Engineers
  • 3 R&D Engineers
  • 3 Project Engineers

Our Team

Pioneer Strategic Sourcing

Mac McQuilkin Founder and Principal Owner

Pioneer Strategic Sourcing

Darren Howanietz CFO and Vice President of Business Development

Asian Office Pioneer Strategic Sourcing

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Michael Fong CEO/President of Asian Operations

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Paul Zhou Operations Manager

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